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Our Story

Easy Access Hunts is dedicated to connecting hunters and landowners through a common website-based marketplace that gives hunters access to a variety of quality hunting properties and provides landowners control, security, and maximum value for use of their property. Easy Access Hunts was formed when I discovered a problem at the intersection of three important and essential elements of my life – hunting, community, and technology.

I was raised and learned to hunt on my family farm consisting of nearly 400 acres. My father taught me and my brothers how to hunt on this property and we maintained and enjoyed this family hunting tradition for my young life. However, I lost easy access to this hunting property in 2017 when I moved to Springfield, MO. In my subsequent search for hunting property near my new home, I learned that most hunters do not have the same easy access to hunting property that my family and I enjoyed. I had discovered a problem faced by millions of hunters nationwide.

This set our focus on moving forward to find the right team to build a solution for this problem many hunters face. We are a team of 4 that includes a Chief Technology Officer, a Director of Land Services, and an Executive Startup Coach. We are constantly growing and searching for new properties to make available to each of our hunters. This is our first version of our site to be able to bring you these experiences now, but through agile development we will consistently be bringing udpates to our site that adds value to your online experience.

Our journey to this point has been nothing short exhilarating with even more exciting news that will be released in the very near future. We hope that you stay with us through this journey and that we can help you solve a problem with gaining easy access to hunts.

Meet Our Team

Joey Pate - Founder, CEO

I grew up in Macon County Missouri where I gained my passion for the outdoors ever since my dad took me hunting and fishing as a kid. My entire young life was filled with easy access to hunting property whether it be on the family farm or hunting with local friends. In early 2017, I moved to Springfield, MO for work and that is where gaining hunting access became a challenge to me and I faced a problem that I needed to solve. Solving this problem was a challenge and talking with many out in the hunting community I realized that this is a challenge many hunters face.

I decided to work a solution that would allow everyone easy access to hunts and outdoor experiences while providing landowners another alternative to maximizing their income on their property. Over the past year I have worked with co-founder John Moore and we have combined our experience as Development Team Supervisors to build an online marketplace to make access to hunts easy again.

Finding a property to hunt shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t break the bank. We also want to provide outdoor experiences for people that don’t have the resources or knowledge to do on their own to help guide them through the learning process. We hope that you follow us through this journey and that we can help you gain easy access to hunts and other outdoor recreational experiences.

John Moore - Co-founder, CTO

I was born in Florida, but a life long resident of the Ozarks. I grew up hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping on my parents small "farm" and in just about every state park and national forest in SW Missouri and NW Arkansas. An equal passion of my growing up, and to this day, is technology. That passion turned into career in software development where I met Joey. During my adult life, my passion for the outdoors has faded due to a lack of access to good hunting land and not knowing where to go or who to talk to about finding good outdoor recreational experiences.

When Joey and I first discussed what would become Easy Access Hunts, I knew this idea would have solved my land access problems. It would also bring modern technology and options to an under served audience. In a world where you can get a ride, book a hotel room, or check in for a flight, why not find a place to hunt. Since then, Joey and I have combined our talents and experience to make it easy to find and enjoy hunting and outdoor recreational experiences.

Luke Shoemaker - Director of Land Services

Luke Shoemaker was born and raised in the small town of New Cambria in northern Missouri. Since a kid he had a passion for all things outdoors while spending much of his time hunting and fishing. He's been an entrepreneur for a decade by getting involved with prepping land for quality deer management, farming, and land real estate.

Over the past 5 years Luke has grown his land knowledge and experience through selling land estate while specializing in hunting, pasture and tillable land, and also rural homes. In 2017, Luke sold over 4500 acres of northern Missouri land. He has now combined his experience, outdoor knowledge, and ability to build relationships to become Easy Access Hunts Director of Land Services.

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