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Landowners - Earn your buck

List knowing we have your back with insurance and contracts.

Be Secure

We provide you with $1 Million insurance and handle the contracts with every hunter on each booking for a 3% booking fee on short-term and $2-4 / acre on long-term.

Flexible Control

Our model gives you options that fit your own land utilization. You set your land terms, and we work to match you with the right hunters while keeping you in the know.

Financial Opportunity

Whether it's all year, just for turkey season, archery season, or 1 weekend of rifle season - we have a model to earn you money on your land while still covered by our insurance.

How to post your hunt experiences

1 - Create your experience

It's completely free to post your experience. Working with our land agents you will build the details of your hunt experience, work to get eye-catching photos, and figure out the seasons and days that you wish to earn some extra income from. We will recommend a price based on the current going rates and past hunt experiences booked but at the end of the day you have complete control over what you charge. Once you're ready, we'll complete a contract so we can take care of the rest for you. Give Luke a call at (417) 501-9269 for a free consultation.

2 - Welcome hunters

Once your experience is listed, our platform will be hard at work finding ethical hunters that are a match for your experience. Once they book a hunt, our platform will prep the hunter on how to best prepare for the upcoming experience so you don't have to. They'll have instructions on buying permits, driving directions, and a briefing on the rules and regulations that you set. Then it's up to you to engage with the hunters when the arive to get to know them or be hands off and let us take care of their questions, that is completely up to you.

3 - Get Paid

Hunters pay online through our secure payment system up front and after the experience is complete we'll mail you a check for the amount secured with a small 3% fee off your listing price. The key to success is to keep your touchpoints at a minimum, from a few minutes of discovery up front and cashing your checks at the end.

Wanting to learn more?

Feel free to give us a call at (417) 501-9269 or send us a message to HuntNow@easyaccesshunts.com to learn about earning more on your land for the days that you don't currently occupy it. There are millions of hunters out there without access to private hunting land that are willing to pay you for that access. If you have ever thought about earning income through leasing, give us a call now to learn more.

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