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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Easy Access Hunts get their properties?

We work directly with landowners to set the leasing on their own terms. They get to choose what seasons, activities, and even down to the day that they wish to make their land available. We typically work with two types of landowners; Those that don't want to sign their hunting rights away for the entire year but still want to earn income for the dates they won't be utilizing their property and those that understand the true value of their property for hunting leases and wanting to earn more than a standard year-long hunting lease.

How does the contract/leasing work?

Landowner: To start, we work to get a contract with the landowners to give us the right to offer their property on our website for the days that they wish. It is completely their terms at no cost to the landowner to post. These contracts work to give the landowner the security they need while also ensuring liability insurance for they days that hunters book experiences.

Hunters: We have every hunter that will be on any property sign a hold harmless contract that also gives them the right to utilize that property during the dates they lease it for. This is the same whether it is a day, week, or season long hunting lease.

What do I do if I need to cancel my upcoming hunt?

We are in the process of formalizing a cancellation policy. Until it is formalized, we will allow for hunters to ask for a refund within 48-hours of booking if the start date of your upcoming hunt is more than 7 days away. You will be refunded 90% of your payment to cover the processing and service fees.

Do you have any long-term leasing options available?

Not typically. We specialize in short-term leasing to give both the landowner and hunter more flexibility. We want to bring you hunt options at a fraction of the long-term leasing price to give you the ability to book more and a better variety of hunting and outdoor experiences to maximize your fun each year.

Can I post my hunting property or an outdoor experience that I have to offer?

Please do. Give us a call at (660) 676-4260 or email us at HuntNow@easyaccesshunts.com. It is free for you to post your property, hunts, and expereinces. There are very few limitations of what you can post so give us a call, even if it's creative. Examples could be - 4 day hunts, season long hunts, bowfishing experience, crappie fishing experience, trapping lessons, etc... we'll handle the postings, advertising, contracts, and insurance for your land!

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